Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Amazing giveaway

Considering I'm a newer blogger (well, new for now), I have never done a giveaway because no one really reads this.  But if you do read this blog, you need to click here for an awesome giveaway to help women attend school to make jewelry so they have a sustainable income.  Paul and I already support Light Gives Heat, which helps women do the same thing in different parts of Africa, but Noonday is another awesome organization.  Check it out!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bad Days

You know you have them too.

This morning had all the intentions of being a bad day, and considering it's only 6:54, it may still happen.  My child is "sick" (only in quotes because he has poop issues and is kinda dehydrated) and I have to be at work.  To most people, that doesn't even sound like an issue.  But to a first-time mom, it's hell.  What did I do wrong?  How did I cause this to happen?  Why can't I do anything to fix it?  Will he be okay?

I'm sure he'll be okay.  Well, I'm not sure but I'm seriously thinking he'll be okay.

And poop (even a TON of it) isn't necessarily horrible and can be dealt with (even if it looks, smells and has the constancy of a GROWN MAN. Ahem.)

Dehydration is really the scary thing, but he's not dying.  I keep telling myself he just needs more liquids.  Our caregivers will make sure that happens.  I don't need to be worried...right?