Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bad Days

You know you have them too.

This morning had all the intentions of being a bad day, and considering it's only 6:54, it may still happen.  My child is "sick" (only in quotes because he has poop issues and is kinda dehydrated) and I have to be at work.  To most people, that doesn't even sound like an issue.  But to a first-time mom, it's hell.  What did I do wrong?  How did I cause this to happen?  Why can't I do anything to fix it?  Will he be okay?

I'm sure he'll be okay.  Well, I'm not sure but I'm seriously thinking he'll be okay.

And poop (even a TON of it) isn't necessarily horrible and can be dealt with (even if it looks, smells and has the constancy of a GROWN MAN. Ahem.)

Dehydration is really the scary thing, but he's not dying.  I keep telling myself he just needs more liquids.  Our caregivers will make sure that happens.  I don't need to be worried...right?



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